Integrated Strategic and Financial Planning

The Strategic Planning process should be an exciting time for your organization, bringing members together to dream about what things you’d like to change in the world and visualize the impact you can make. continue reading »

Institutional Assessments and Capacity Building

How can you structure your organization to run more efficiently? Nonprofit organizations tend to focus on the important work that will help achieve their mission–what activities should be implemented, which services should be provided, and which populations should be served. continue reading »

Financial Sustainability

There are multiple definitions of financial sustainability for nonprofits, but basically it comes down to bringing in more money than your organization spends and not being overly reliant on any one traditional funding source. continue reading »

Training Workshops and Events

Over the years, I’ve developed and delivered workshops on applying adapted business management practices in nonprofits. Workshops have been geared towards both nonprofit practitioners and facilitators/trainers interested in learning how to apply the methodologies. continue reading »