How can you structure your organization to run more efficiently? Nonprofit organizations tend to focus on the important work that will help achieve their mission - what activities should be implemented, which services should be provided, and which populations should be served. Often overlooked is the need for sound management structures to help your staff and board members more effectively implement your organization's activities and services. An Institutional Assessment allows members of your organization to take an introspective look at how your current management structure affects the organization and your work, and serves as a tool to help identify and address short to medium term priority areas that will make your organization run more efficiently. Assessed areas include:

  • Strategic Vision and Planning How and if planning and impact assessment are conducted
  • Leadership Who provides guidance and how it is incorporated into the organization
  • Organizational Management Structures in place to facilitate communication and equitable policies within the organization
  • Human Resource Management How staff are recruited and retained
  • Resource Development Approach to Fundraising and Resource Generation
  • Financial Management How financial information is generated and used for decision-making processes
  • Constituency Building and Outreach How the organization is seen externally, and its partnerships
  • Programmatic Capacity Cursory overview of how programs are implemented and monitored.

After completing the assessment, your organization will have:

  • A better understanding of your organizational priorities
  • An analysis of your organization's current management strengths and shortcomings
  • Targeted priorities and timeframe for improvements
  • A monitoring tool of your institutional progress


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