There are multiple definitions of financial sustainability for nonprofits, but basically it comes down to bringing in more money than your organization spends and not being overly reliant on any one traditional funding source. Given the current economic and philanthropic environment, many organizations are becoming increasingly concerned with being financially solvent. If this is a concern for your group, I can help you explore what financial sustainability means for your organization and identify ways to go about working towards it.

We'll start by determining how much funding your organization needs for its activities. We'll look at your current funding streams and determine which activities have and/or need funds. We'll then explore possible funding alternatives that are naturally aligned with your organization's mission. For some groups this means beginning or expanding traditional fundraising from private donors, foundations or government agencies. For others it can mean branching out into providing services or products for a fee. Regardless of which direction your organization selects, we'll look at the financial viability of your alternatives to come up with a plan to help your organization move towards financial solvency.


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